For me, the name “My Attempts at Art” completely encapsulates my views on Art. I not only want art to be accessible to everyone, I wanted to offer up proof that you do not have to be a professional to attempt it. Art to me can simply be a way to share a moment with others, sometimes catching a glimpse into the artist mind at the time the art was created. As you can see, most of my photography is from Downtown Knoxville where I was born and raised. I always looked forward to going downtown as a kid, whether it be for school fieldtrips to the Tennessee Theatre, or watching out for Santa in our Downtown Christmas Parade. I'm proud to say that I've been able to experience the unbelievable growth of my city over the last 41 years, and one thing that always stood out most to me, the amazing architecture and landscape of our downtown area. Even though I may have a slight bias, I will always believe nothing compares to the beauty of my home town.

My overall goal from the beginning, was not only to create art that is meaningful and unique, but create art that had the ability to spark conversation that ultimately brings people closer together. Feel free to contact me anytime at